21 Apr 2018

Tradesmen work hard. Especially electricians….

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Electricians LangwarrinTradesmen work hard. Especially electricians. More sweat, more pain, more training, more patience, over a longer stretch of time. It is your life. All the while, you have another part of you, working for something bigger, some dream you have. Something new you wish to create for your better future, the next chapter that you wish to write, ‘someday’. It’s the story of the life of this great country’s best electricians.

But how can we hope to reach the stars, when it feels like we are just starting the engines? How can we hope for something bigger, when everything is so small? How can we actualise the dream, when reality looms so large?

You’ve got the foundation right. The best thing to do is to consistently keep doing the right thing. Day after day, week on week, for one year, five years, until there is nothing more you can do. Just keep on doing it. And that is a very noble thing. You deserve respect for that, and you will get it.

So show up. Keep it up. And be proud.

You keep this country connected, and we need your services. Don’t be ashamed when you are rewarded well, for a job well done. That is the vital link in the chain. Your chain. Your life.




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