02 Feb 2016

Melbourne tobacconist watched live CCTV as shop ram-raided in 13th robbery.

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Tom Elyas and his wife were alerted to the burglary at 5.15am on Monday as the alarm was sounded when a Nissan Nivara smashed through his shopfront in Greenvale.

The couple watched the live feed on their phones, as the thieves made their way over smashed glass and wares, toward the shop’s storage room.

Masked crooks used an angle grinder to cut into the unit, starting a small fire at the same time. They looted 400 cartons of smokes.

Police arrived while the thieves were still inside, but they managed to escape. Their Nissan Navara was last seen in Roxburgh Park, police said.

Mr Elyas rushed to the store, alerting firefighters who were able to stop the fire before it engulfed the entire shop.

The store has been robbed 13 times in the past five years a�� Monday’s robbery marking the third in as many months.

“This time they spent 13 minutes inside. They were taking their sweet time, they were relaxed,” Mr Elyas said.

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